Just a quick Smaug thingie i did :D


Just a quick Smaug thingie i did :D

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Good morning!

Hi! I’m off to errand but first, 3 things:
1. My ankle and foot are better. Swelling down. Cramps gone. Yay.

2. I forgot to mention this in a previous post: for everyone but especially the new followers: if there is a tag you’d like me to use, please ask! I post explicit words and pics sometimes and also a lot of food (I’m an omnivore) and booze (I like fancy cocktails). You may not wish to see slash or booze or bacon. It’s cool! Also, unfollowing is also OK. Or unfollowing and re following. Sometimes I have to do the same to avoid a topic or fandom or even a style of discourse/engagement - and that doesn’t mean anything more usually than I need a break. Like if you post non stop about cauliflower recipes that’s OK but it’s not for me.
3. And perhaps most crucially: hiddenlacuna is the reason I drifted off to sleep wondering about what kind of tiny, vicious creatures might lurk in the mustache of John Watson or the (magnificent) beard of Thorin Oakenshield. She’s something else y’all.

And if I grow old
Well I hope I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the man who’s growing old with you

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Via Twitter: from the  Times of London


Via Twitter: from the Times of London

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Why, no, I never get fic ideas as I read articles about the demimonde in 18th century Paris.

*shifty eyes*

Do you remember Redbeard?

Do you remember Redbeard?

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Fire reflected on birds in smoke - fire at Moerdijk, the Netherlands (©Coen Robben) Submitted by 7skeletons

My jaw dropped open. 



Fire reflected on birds in smoke - fire at Moerdijk, the Netherlands (©Coen Robben) Submitted by 7skeletons

My jaw dropped open. 

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Friends; creators; internet denizens… it’s the third weekend of the month… so the Antidiogenes Club is running this weekend!

Here are the (copy-pasted) rules:

  1. Write as much as you can over the weekend.

That’s basically it. (If you’re new around these here parts, you probably want to read…

Hi y’all! This is a thing happening this weekend :) some logistical notes are over on the antidiogenes tumblr :)

I have found this super helpful and supportive and fun. If you are 18 or over, we have a fabulous couple of IRC chat rooms. AD is mostly writers but we do have artists and podcasters and folks too.

We’re mostly fan ficcers but we also have pro ficcers, dissertation writers, and first time writers.

It is super fun no matter if you are writing johnlock omegaverse, g rated Spuffy, a history of the Peloponnesian war, or some combination thereof. :) or whatever :)

I’m out like a scout and offline til later this afternoon bit I hope to see you around!

random-nexus replied to your post: *small waves* So today has been a bit …

There’s something kinda appealing (in a probably a bit not good way) to PTSquee. Post traumatic stress squee. I’ve got PTSD, but I’m doing well enough to be squeeful ATM, so SQUEE! … No?

You make me grin. Especially because the PTSquee sounds like a car to me…

*announcer voice* The new 2015 PTSquee - the most exciting driving experience on -and off!- the road. Test drive one today! /announcer voice.

In fact, I think I’m gonna imagine every fandom term, mashup, trope, etc. as a car.  *announcervoice*  The new Vauxhall Warstan minivan. For family AND fun! … The 2014 Omega!Lock - a smooth ride that seats four! … Mazda announced today a recall on all model years for the MorMor as unsafe at any speed.

Whiskeydaisy on her truths. Some wise and good things there, I think. (Mentions of abuse but also of hope and compassion).

Also, if you like pretty and interesting and nifty things and don’t like drama or arguing or shaming, I cannot recommend any blog more than hers. 

Whiskey is my dearest friend and I can credit her with helping me work on my compassion - it’s hard for me because I am not naturally a very wonderful person - but she gets credit for much of the success I have had with trying to be kind and joyful.

*small waves*
So today has been a bit of a rough day in the Sherlock fandom. I’m sad to see that but I hope everyone in the fandom is or will be doing OK in spite of it.

I’ve already poured my heart out on my blog once this week, and surely no one needs to see more of that, so I’m not *currently* inclined to say a lot more here.

I also can’t and don’t want to come across as speaking for either of two groups I belong to: domestic abuse survivors and johnlock shippers (PTSD + squee = psqueed?) but if anyone wants to talk on a person to person level, there’s the ask box or email or pigeons or interpretive dance or whatever.

At the risk of sounding even weirder than usual, if you are in this fandom, I bid you peace & love. Even if we don’t agree. Maybe especially then. :)






Here’s the link for more information about the PS244 fundraising campaign

Here’s the link to the GIVE IT ALL TO ME Library Collection at OutofPrintClothing.com.

Check it out! The good folks dropped me a line about this project last week, and I’m happy to boost for Library Week.

Signal boost

Grabbing a tote, fo’ sho’.

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That’s some serious neck and hair porn. Do you agree?